Having fun with the new lenses. Évora&Tavira

I spent the last weekend in Alentejo and Algarve, which gave me this great opportunity to try the new lens I purchased just a day before the trip. It is a great difference between the new ones and the ones I used so far.

All of the pictures below are kind of “accidental”. It will still take me some time before I truly understand the new lens, for they are way more complicated then my previous ones. It may sound silly, but for a total freshman like me, it’s really a big deal! Only the boats’ photo was taken with my old lens. I know that the cat’s portrait is not sharp, but I really liked its colours.

I’m especially happy that I noticed the lizards in Évora!

I have to go back to Algarve. This time on my own, though. There are many things I wanted to see but didn’t manage because of the schedule. This weekend, though, I’m in Peniche, so I will keep on working with the new lens here!

2 Responses to “Having fun with the new lenses. Évora&Tavira”
  1. Zuzia says:

    O,o! Fotka jaszczurek jest naprawdę w stylu Animal Planet/ National Geographic. Ładnie zapozowały.

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