In the ZOO. Lisbon&Ostrava

At first there was a peacock. “It’s kinda strange, that it is just walking through the alleys”, I thought. “But it happens in some parks, maybe it’s the same in here”.

Later, when I saw a little monkey jumping from one branch to another, I thought that it’s not the way it should be for sure. I decided to inform the staff. “Eh”, he said. “That’s normal. Just don’t touch it because it may bite off your fingers”.

I spent the last Sunday with my French flatmate, Margaux, and the day was just perfect. We visited the Lisbon ZOO (one rule – I won’t leave the ZOO until I get to see all of the animals. And by all of them I mean ALL of them), enjoyed the dolphin show and spent the evening in the park, on an open-air Jazz Festival. Couldn’t be nicer.

It wasn’t my only visit to a ZOO recently. During the summer I went to Ostrava, Czech Republic, with my friend. So now take a deep breath, because today there will be lots and lots of pictures!

Lisbon: iguanas, giraffes, lions being lions, monkeys, bear, rhino, pelikans and the super sad zebra.

Ostrava: Geoffroy’s cats, otters, elephants and me. I meant binturong.

4 Responses to “In the ZOO. Lisbon&Ostrava”
  1. Yes, Mr. Zebra does look a bit sad. Maybe there’s a newly-installed “Do Not Feed” sign?

  2. Zuzia says:

    Lwia Skała <3
    A misiu się ładnie komponuje z niebieskimi drzwiami.
    Nowy obiektyw użyty? :)

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