Architectureception. Lisbon&Moscow

I was looking at all those pictures that I have already taken here in Portugal, and I’ve noticed that some of them are actually pretty similar to each other. Why? Because they present a building. In another building. Architectureception!

Looking at the surroundings in the mirror is kind of funny in fact. It’s just like observing some other world living its own life.

Nevertheless, those pictures reminded me of a photo that I took with my dad in Moscow this May. I’m not really pleased with it, but it’s ok, because it gives me another reason to go back to Moscow someday. I remember that I was struck by the mirror image of the Orthodox church in a window of GUM (or, if you prefer, ГУМ), an enormously huge – and luxurious – department store.

And finally, my favourite one, taken in Lisbon. I have to tell you – this city really makes me want to ask one question very often:

Could anyone please explain?

7 Responses to “Architectureception. Lisbon&Moscow”
  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Those are excellent city scenes! Wonderful photographs!

  2. Zuzia says:

    Czy to to na ostatnim zdjęciu jest żywe?

  3. I’ve tried to take similar photos here in my hometown, with results not nearly as nice as these.

    By the way, even after a bit of research, the best I can do with how your blog name translates is maybe “world traveler” (passenger of the world?). In keeping with the probably poor translation – tenha um grande dia!

    • Mishatsky says:

      It´s “passenger of the world” indeed. When I created this blog I already was in Portugal, altough still didn´t have a room. And that´s when I thought that actually I´m a kind of a passenger, going from place to place. “No phone, no pool, no pets…”:)

  4. Tim Shey says:

    You could say that those are beautiful photos or beautiful reflections.

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