Selling fish at the Ribeira market. Lisbon

It’s hard to believe how the weather changed since the last week, when I published the photos from the beach. Of course, it’s not one of those Autumns that I’m used to. But still, something in me suddenly wants to wear a warm sweater, socks, and lay in bed sipping tea.  And altough I’m fighting this feeling (not yet Autumn monster! Not yet!), the picture I decided to show you represents my mood somehow.

Right after I wrote this, I realized that this photo actually presents a woman cutting off some fish’s head.

That’s not really what I meant.

4 Responses to “Selling fish at the Ribeira market. Lisbon”
  1. Heh. My wife and I are also gravititating toward sweaters and warm tea this week. The change in weather can be abrupt, but I think part of it is in our head, too: “It’s autumn; it must be cooler.”

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