A beach in black&white. Carcavelos

I wanted to post something really ambitious today. With a message. A story behind it.
If anybody became excited after reading that introduction – I am sorry.
I went to the Carcavelos beach yesterday, and here is a brief description of my day: Surfing class. Sun bathing. Swimming. Ice cream. With taking some photos in between. Of the surfers mainly.
Oh yes – and the dogs.

6 Responses to “A beach in black&white. Carcavelos”
  1. Just like you promised! Your introduction is too funny.

  2. stephsoul says:

    well, what a day!!! couldn’t imagine something nicer! 8)

    • Mishatsky says:

      It was nice indeed! For me though it still something strange – going to the beach in the middle of September :D It was my first surfing lesson but I loved it, luckily here in Portugal I will have more opportunities to continue learning!

  3. Zuzia says:

    A mnie tam się podobają grające chłopaczki! (i na złość wszystkim będę wstawiać komentarze po polsku:P)

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