Is it your dog? Alfama. Lisbon

I think I was born a wanderer. If I only have a chance to walk from one place to another, I usually prefer this option rather than taking a bus, cab, subway, or whatever. That is always easier during holidays, of course. On a day like today, with classes from 8 to 8, I am only capable of walking to the kitchen and back to my room.

OK, enough of whining.

The same day when I decided to go to the Feira da Ladra, the flea market, I spent two or three hours just wandering through narrow streets of Alfama, one of Lisbon’s districts. I took plenty of photos there, but there is only one that truly brings smile to my face. I know that it’s not “good”, the background is too bright, but for me this photo pictures no more but a moment of pure joy.

Maybe that’s because I’m a dog person? Or maybe because I saw the happiness of both of them – the dog, and the woman – when they played together for a short time, before each of them finally went their own way?

6 Responses to “Is it your dog? Alfama. Lisbon”
  1. It brought a smile to my face as well. There’s nothing quite like a friendly dog to brighten one’s day!

    • Mishatsky says:

      I agree on that one. But also, after my today’s visit to a beach, I became 100% sure I’m just crazy about dogs. Maybe I should change the blog to “dog photography in Lisbon?”;) You’ll see the results tomorrow!

  2. I am a dog person, as well. But, as per residential rules, we are not allowed to keep a dog in our Flat. We have been to Lisbon. A lovely place. Enjoy.

  3. Pauline says:

    It’s nice to see two strangers of different species get along so well. Or maybe they know each other? Nonetheless, a wonderful capture!

    • Mishatsky says:

      Thank you! It’s hard to say if they knew each other or not, here people just start talking to random strangers, and it seems that everybody knows everybody. Maybe it was the same with the dog? I will never find out:)

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