Professions. Lisbon&Sintra

“Ocupações” (“Professions”) is a photography project by Mozambican artist, Filipe Branquinho (I encourage you to search for his photographs, they are very good). Some of them are presented in The Gulbenkian Foundation’s Gardens, that’s where I found the perfect perspective for my photo – a woman working in the garden, with Branquinho’s “Pescador” (“Fisherman”) in the background.

This made me realize how often I take pictures of people at their work. I’ve already presented you the woman drying fish in Nazaré. When I visited Sintra, I took a couple of photos of cabmen (note: I’ve visited Sintra for three times. The younger cabby was always asleep). And finally, today I went to Feira da Ladra, a flea market in Alfama, where I just couldn’t decide which stand was the most interesting.

4 Responses to “Professions. Lisbon&Sintra”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Fotka na samej górze jest naprawdę bardzo dobra. Ihtiram!

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